UltraBeam PowerGrip - Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight with PowerBank

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Are you tired of dealing with unreliable flashlights that just can't cut it when it comes to providing enough illumination? Look no further than our Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight With PowerBank, the ultimate solution for all your lighting needs!

Illuminate Up to 1500 Meters Away with the Telescopic Zoom Function

One of the standout features of this flashlight is its telescopic zoom function, which allows you to adjust the focus and achieve a maximum illumination range of up to 800-1500 meters! Whether you need to light up a large area or zoom in on a specific spot, this flashlight has you covered.

Maximize Battery Life with Internal Energy-Saving Design

With its internal energy-saving design, this flashlight is optimized to maximize battery life. When paired with the recommended 26650 battery, you can expect an impressive runtime of 8-15 hours, ensuring that you won't run out of power when you need it most.

Quick and Easy Access to the COB Light with 5-Speed Mode Double Switch

The 5-speed mode double switch provides you with flexible switch gear, allowing you to quickly turn on the COB light and adjust the brightness to your liking. The Type-C fast charging mode supports both input and output, making this flashlight a convenient mobile power supply for charging your devices on the go.

IPX8 Waterproof Design for Durable Outdoor Use

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this flashlight features a strict life waterproof design with an IPX8 waterproof level. Whether you're caught in heavy rain or need to use it in a challenging outdoor environment, this flashlight is up to the task.

Dual Functionality: Remote Lighting and Floodlight with Side COB Lamp Design

But that's not all - this flashlight also boasts a unique side COB lamp design, utilizing high-quality COB chips that can illuminate small lighting areas with white and red lights. This makes it not only a remote lighting solution but also a versatile floodlight, perfect for various scenarios.

Power Indicator Function for Easy Charging Monitoring

The power indicator function keeps you informed of the battery status, with the LED flashing red when charging and turning green when fully charged. And with the ability to charge via any USB port, recharging this flashlight is a breeze.Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight With PowerBank

9 Modes and Upgrade Side Lighting for Versatile Use

With 9 modes and upgraded side lighting, this flashlight offers unparalleled versatility. The 5 main lighting modes (Strong light/medium light/low light/fast flash/SOS) can be easily accessed by short pressing the switch, while the 4 upgrade cob side lighting modes (white: strong light/white: low light/Red/Red Strobe) are activated by pressing the COB switch, with short presses to change mode. Additionally, any long press of the switch for 3 seconds automatically turns off the flashlight, saving you from cycling through modes.

Power Output Function for Convenient Device Charging

The power output function allows you to use this flashlight as a power bank to charge your devices, making it an essential companion for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

Don't settle for ordinary flashlights when you can have the Rechargeable Super Bright Flashlight With PowerBank, a reliable and versatile tool that provides unmatched performance and convenience. Whether you're camping, hiking, working, or facing an emergency, this flashlight is your trusted companion. Buy now and experience the ultimate in illumination and functionality!

Other Benefits and Must Know Info

  • Recharge the flashlight before first use.
  • Why is it not bright when I just received the goods? Please open the headlight battery box first, tear off the battery insulation paper, and activate the battery to work.
  • Portable weight 260g (without battery)
  • Includes Lanyard to carry our torch around

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Eldridge Huels

It is exactly AS described. Very strong light. Picture of lamp on, is in daylight!! Long press the button the lamp goes out, good zoom function very happy

Theo Will

The quality is excellent, it is worth 100% money.

Steve Purdy

It's just fine, very satisfied with the purchase! Shines very bright.

Hilton Oberbrunner

It's all right. Shines well. Several modes. Focus-closer, further.

Estrella Corkery

It's brighter than I thought... it's okay. I am satisfied with the brightness of the it, but I have used it continuously for more than 10 minutes, so there is a little heat generation, and the finish is generally good.