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VLOG360 Gimbal Phone Holder

$ 39.99



👉 Connect to any iphone or android using Bluetooth is simple as ABC.

Standard vs VLOG360 Tracking

The standard way of tracking any object while filming is to move with your body around as you track the object like person, cat, dog is moving to stabilize the shot. This sometimes can result in blur transition from one point of location to another location.

VLOG360 tracking using face tracking mode to follow the object and rotates the gimbal around 360° while keeping them in the center of the frame when shooting videos or taking pictures. No accident stepping out of frame while doing live broadcasting.

Auto facial tracking using advanced real-time technology that follow you automatically when talking video or still pictures.

New Power Saving Design

A new generation of efficient power saving battery design that allow up to 50 hours of shooting videos without replacing the 3 AA batteries.

Stable Platform

Easy removable of your phone with elastic grip for either portrait or horizon orientation. Stable base or use optional tripod mountable for perfect camera location.    

👉Support: IOS 10.0 and later/Android 8.1 and later.

👉Switch to Face Tracking Mode and taking photos is easy. For two people use Pair Mode.

👉Back by 30-day guarantee.

Package:  VLOG360 Phone Holder, Manual, Batteries and Phone Not Included.

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Customer Questions and Answers

Question: Will this work with an iPad?

Answer: No

Question: What are the video file types and where are the videos stored on my phone? Will I be able to download them to my computer?

Answer: The video recording in the app 2 ways, either by live stream connected with social media ways or stored in your photo album as same video type that your phone normally creates video.

Question: Can this take a video of me riding my horse?

Answer:  No, since object moves too fast for face tracking mode.    

Question: Can it take group photos automatically?

Answer:  Yes, it can.

Question: Can you use the remote to start and stop a video?

Answer:  You can’t use a remote to stop the video.

Question:   Can it mount on the tripod?

Answer: Yes

Question: My daughter wants to shoot dance videos. Can you keep the frame wide enough to capture all the action?

Answer: Yes, you can capture it all, although can’t zoom in.

Question: Can you use with tictok?

Answer: Yes, you can upload your videos to tiktok.

Question: Can you do a live video? Or is it just recording?

Answer: Yes, you can do both.

Question:  What is the max rotational speed and max distance it can tract an onject?

Answer: For the max rotational speed. If Walk as fast as usual, or a little faster ,it can be tracked. For the max distance, generally, it's 5-10meters (16-32 feet) , and it depends on the camera and the shooting light, if object is in the current tracking area, which a cyan square area. It can tract the object.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mandy S.

it's very good and I am satisfied.

Macey H.

Product works perfectly meet my needs.

Samson D.


Eldon H.

So surprise, the first magical selfie stick I have ever seen. It is a very good 360° Object Tracking Holder, released my hands.Good in face tracking, simple operation, only need to download APP and then connection by bluetooth.