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Portable Magnet Wireless for iPhone 12 or greater

Use the new feature in the latest iPhones to recharge your phone on-the-go without any messy cables that normal would need in a traditional power bank.

Simple and easy to use the Macsafe feature, place the Magnetic Wireless Power Bank on the back of your phone and watch it start to recharge your device.  


Q: Is this a genuine Apple Product?

A:  No

Q: What are the differences between Magnetic Wireless Power Bank and the original?

A: On the 5000 model, the battery capacity is increased to 5000mAh. The charging power of the Lightning interface is 18W to charge up the battery. 

The charging power of the mobile phone connected to the power supply is 15W, and the wireless charging power of the mobile phone is 5W.

It can be charged continuously for 2 hours, and the 12Pro wirelessly charges 50~60 power, which is safe and stable without damaging the battery.

On the 10000 models, the battery capacity is increased to 1000mAh. The wireless charging power of the mobile phone is now 15W.

Q: Will my phone charge fast?

A: The 5000 model can only support 5w wireless charging. Which is slow recharging on your phone.

The 10000 model supports 15W wireless charging, which is fast charging.

Q: Do I need to charge the battery when I receive it?

A: Yes, after the battery is plugged into the power supply, the indicator light will show orange. This is because the battery is charging. After 8-9 hours of battery charging, remove the power supply. The indicator light shows green, indicating that the charging is completed.

Other Benefits and Must Know Info

  • iPhone is NOT included.
  • Battery type: polymer lithium-ion battery
  • Size 5000mAh: 96mm*64mm*11.6mm
  • Gross Weight 5000mAh: 110g
  • Gross Weight 10000mAh: 195g
  • Size 10000mah:107mm*69mm*18mm
  • Simply choose your color, 5000 or 10000 and click the "Add To Cart" Button!
  • Limited Time, Get Free Shipping.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Golden Kassulke

Compared to the 5000, the capacity is large, so you have to take into custody and weight. 10000 is a little uncomfortable to carry

Elfrieda D'Amore

Good quality 2xtimes recharge iphone 13mini ITS BETTER THAN ORIGINAL!

Lulu Mosciski

The magnetic suction of the power bank is very good. It will automatically charge when pasted on the mobile phone, which is very firm

Addison Bruen

The battery is very thin, almost the same thickness as my mobile phone, very easy to use

Lane Sawayn

Great. I can check the remaining battery power through my mobile phone. The battery works normally, no different from the original one